sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2009

Stone Temple Pilots - Seven Caged Tigers

Pass the time kickin' as time rips by
Neither goose nor the gander fly
Buy a minute spend an hour burnin', burnin'
Take a peak as the model earns it, earns it
Walk a mile as it keeps crawlin', crawlin'
Clean the politician, and wash it with everpure

So the answer gets harder, harder
And the truth's getting farther and farther
And the bottle keeps churnin' and churnin'
Seven caged tigers fly by, fly by

Wastin' time chasin' those cows that fly
Churnin' out all of that butterfly sugarboost
Track the blade as it moves downward, onward
Take a pill it'll kill the martyrs, martyrs
Passin' time rippin' as time kicks by
Pass the umbilical cord down for fly by
Take a sneak while the model she earns, it, earns it
Hike a mile as it keeps crawlin' crawlin'

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