terça-feira, 24 de novembro de 2009

Depeche Mode - Question of Lust

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Unknown Soldier disse...

"Entregou-se tanto ao vício da luxúria que em sua lei tornou lícito aquilo que desse prazer, para cancelar a censura que merecia"

Alighieri , Dante in "Inferno"

scorpia disse...

Se me é permitido...



Maria disse...

Lust or must?
That is the question.

No Vember disse...

What kind of choice is that?

Maria disse...

For a few men and women, lust is a must, not really a matter of choice.

But only for some lucky ones.
And it's really hard to find.

No Vember disse...

There´s no choice.
Must have lust? If you must, it isn´t lust. Call it business, work or plain routine.
Lust is a must. Whether you can resist it or not is a different thing.
Hence joy, and satisfaction. Or unhappiness and frustration.
And again, not every must implies lust.
Hence boredom.

Maria disse...

Still, whenever lust implies must, there is some magic.

Not only joy and mere satisfaction.

No Vember disse...

Lust is a must, so, it always implies must...
True lust IS magic.

Maria disse...

Agreed! :)

Anyway, I MUST have read this not so tired.

Then I would've understood we agreed from the beginning.

Lust is a must.
And I always spoke of true lust.

The - almost - impossible one to get in everyday life and routine.

Still, the only one worth having...