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"Sun Dance Poem"

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According to the notes to the sound-tape that accompanied the first edition of Always Coming Home, these poems will have been going to be recorded on site in the Valley of the Na, by the archeologist Pandora, a very long time from now. According to other sources, they were recorded in Todd Barton's studio in Ashland, by Tabit and Intrumo, in 1985. The language is Kesh.

The "Sun Dance Poem" is a meditational poem, made and spoken by the carpenter Buck of Sinshan, recorded in the Blue Clay heyimas in December. The Sun Dance or winter solstice festival is the greatest ceremony of the Kesh year, celebrating the mystical rejoining into a round dance of all that seems separate, the earth and sky, the near and far, the unborn, the living, and the dead.

Wakwahwav Arrakou

Rru wetom darra daigoravanes


(...sa, par, arai)

Híó lemaha yelemaha

Híó logolemaha yelemaha

Híó folilolemaha yelemaha

Híó lemaha emwey yelemaha

Viddisur hwoi udsurd gade ambad shewey

haitrousur baroi udsurd gade ambad shewey

peuvyaisur gadesur yai amoud shewey

inyesur inye poud wey shewey

Rru whehom darra daigoravanes


(...peham, rahem, yai)

Yewey gewakwa yehoum

emwey logowakwa,


folilowakwa yehoum.

ge-emweyem wakwa-an yehoum

Sun Dance Poem

Once you said the round word:


(...sky, light, day)

May beauty be beautiful

May beauty have been beautiful

May beauty still be beautiful

May beauty always be beautiful

We are weak and need help from all

We are afraid and need kindness from all

We are foolish and need to think together

We are nothing much without one another

Once you said this round word:


(death, soul, mind)

It is mysterious, endless

It has always been mysterious,


the dance will go on, endless.

it is going on in mystery, endless

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