quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2007

Goldfrapp - Fly Me Away

Drifting out of time
Something on your mind
And I wanna be the
One that you call
When you get down
No matter where you
Are in the world I'll be around
Fly me away on an Aeroplane
High in the sky
Wanna see you again
Wanna know this time,
Gonna tell you what I'm feeling
Gonna know this time,
Gonna get it back that feeling
Miles and miles of sun
Endless roads
twist on
Don't wanna live a life
In a world that's all the same
The crazy little things
That you do are magical
This crazy life
This crazy world
We're living in is

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scorpia disse...

Looool! Podes não acreditar mas vinha a ouvir esta música no carro! Que medo!!! Ihihihihi
Sra Allison rocks!!!