domingo, 27 de maio de 2007

To a Lady Weeping

When I beheld thy blue eyes shine
Through the bright drop that pity drew,
I saw beneath those tears of thine
A blue-eyed violet bathed in dew.

The violet ever scents the gale,
Its hues adorn the fairest wreath,
But sweetest through a dewy veil
Its colors glow, its odors breathe.

And thus thy charms in brightness rise---
When wit and pleasure round thee play,
When mirth sits smiling in thine eyes,
Who but admires their sprightly ray?
But when through pity's flood they gleam,
Who but must love their softened beam?
Ibn Al Rumi

1 comentário:

Ana disse...

"Em jogos de luz e cor
tuas lágrimas deixaram
os cristais do teu amor,
na palma da minha mão."

António Gedeão