sexta-feira, 1 de junho de 2007

Split Conscience

EAST blames WEST and WEST renounces EAST,
Each celebrating its peculiar feast.
One proudly mourns the laureate days by-gone,
The other hails the Light of its rising dawn,
Each discovering its profitable path
Through struggling ideological wrath.
Cautious , suspicious , intolerant mood,
Unforgiving temper, ungrateful food:
Matter and spirit reciprocating awe,
Unearthing Satan’s arm to break God’s law,
Heritage wrecking, queerly constructing,
Yet pondering, wondering, lamenting.
Haunting PAST ! Leave me in PEACE !
Disturbing PRESENT! Where to, please?
Here I tremble, fearing tomorrow’s fold,
Amazed , dazzled, deceived by Silver and Gold.
Yet move must I, willy-nilly, led or misled;
So, MERCY on my shattered fate be shed!
Mohammed Abu-Talib

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