sexta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2007

Joy Division - These Days

Morning seems strange, almost out of place.
Searched hard for you and your special ways.
These days, these days.

Spent all my time, learnt a killer's art.
Took threats and abuse 'till I'd learned the part.
Can you stay for these days?

These days, these days.

Used outward deception to get away,
Broken heart romance to make it pay.

These days, these days.

We'll drift through it all, it's the modern age.
Take care of it all now these debts are paid.

Can you stay for these days?

2 comentários:

B. disse...

The quotation 'Never answer a question with another question...' is absolutely right - it must be answered with 7 questions:

With who?
What for?

And then you get to the single answer...

Flip disse...

Pa contrapôr..