segunda-feira, 17 de setembro de 2007

Smashing Pumpkins - That's The Way (My Love Is)

They say that life ain't easy;
They'll say your life's a crime;
Destroy up all good reason;
How I'm alive.

They'll say that nothing matters;
Not even your will to survive;
Of course I love you baby;
'Cause I'm alive;
Yes, I'm alive.

Whenever I call you out;
Whenever I draw you round;
Whenever is here and now.

That's the way my love is;
That's the way I care;
You should call on me baby;
I'm always there for you;
Yeah, I'm always there for you.

They'll say you'll lose your nerve soon;
To claim identity;
Disgrace our sacred promise;
With no belief;
Oh, how I believe in you.

That's the way my love is for you;
That's the way my love is for you.

I feel a coming age now;
I feel a dawn in me;
A certain sun keeps rising;
On my belief in you.

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